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Country Exchange/Derivatives
USA New York Stock Exchange
Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange (TFEX)d
Europe NYSE Euronext
UK London Stock Exchange
China Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)d
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)d
Brazil Sao Paolo Stock Exchanged
Germany Deutsche Börse - Eurex
Australia Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
China Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)d
Nordic Countries NASDAQ OMX
Italy Borsa Italianad
Bangladesh Dhaka Stock Exchangee
Nordic Countries NASDAQ OMX (Derivatives)
Botswana Botswana Stock Exchangee
Brazil Brazil (Futures)d
Canada ICE - Canadad
Canada Pure Trading Canada
Columbia Bolsa de Valores de Columbiae
Europe Euronext Liffe
Germany Deutsche Borse
Greece Athens & Cyprus Exchange
Greece Athens Exchange (Derivatives)d
Hong Kong Hong Kong Exchange (Derivatives)d
Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
Ireland Irish Stock Exchange
Italy Borsa Italiana (Futures)d
Jamaica Jamaica Stock Exchangee
Japan Tokyo Commodities Exchanged
Jordan Amman Stock Exchangee
Kenya Nairobi Stock Exchangee
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia (Derivatives)d
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE)
Morocco Casablanca Stock Exchangee
Namibia Namibian Stock Exchangee
Nigeria Nigerian Stock Exchangee
Norway Oslo Stock Exchange
Pan Europe BATS Trading Europed
Russia RTS Exchangei
Singapore Singapore Exchange (Derivatives)d
Singapore Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX)d
Sri Lanka Columbo Stock Exchangee
Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchangee
Tunisia Tunis Stock Exchangee
UAE Dubai Mercantile Exchange
UK ICE - Europed
USA BATS Exchange, Inc. (BATS)
USA Kansas City Board of Traded
Macro Economic & Other Exchange Data
OTC Data - Fixed Income, Forex, Money Ratesd
d Delayed data
e End-of-day data
i Indices in real-time, stock data is delayed

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